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I’m not the most organized person in the world and I will admit to burying my head in the sand when it comes to bureaucracy.  I tend to have one of those kitchen drawers full of unopened letters and coupons that expired 23 years ago.  But, this is Portugal, and not only can I not ignore letters and stuff that comes through the door because a) it’s in Portuguese but b) you are very likely to be fined and very quickly too!

So, sitting with a girlfriend one day moaning and whining generally about my long to-do list, my friend started pinging me messages to my phone. Apparently, I had to stop complaining, it was my own fault but this lovely lady does actually possess a magic wand. I now had a number to call and fix everything!

I called Nyth as she offered a free 15-minute consultation which I thought would be a great start and was very generous. There were so many things that I really did know we needed to put in order but just didn’t have a clue where to start. So, in order to avoid deportation/imprisonment, we worked through the list of all the important issues that need to be rectified and you know what? It was a piece of cake.

I won’t bore you with long lists of all Nyth’s services (absolutely everything is listed on her website and Facebook page) but one thing I would have loved to have use of is her complete Anywhere in the world moving to Portugal service.  It really would have saved us so much stress and complications which were often our own fault. 

From our point of view, we have benefitted so much from being able to ask questions and obtain a fast, correct, professional, and legal responsibility for our particular situation. People are very kind, want to help and give you the benefit of their experience. But, we are not all the same or have the same requirements so different solutions suit different circumstances. He indoors is a resident but, for tax reasons, I’m not. Nyth made arranging my reciprocal tax position straightforward and without delay.

We drew up our list and within one day my husband’s motorbike’s matriculation process was well underway, we had opened back accounts, arranged to change his UK driving license for a Portuguese one whilst retaining all categories – HGV and motorbike and had a letter from my doctor in the UK translated and notarised in case of emergency. 

Basically, Nyth is wonderful. Especially during this very trying time of restrictions, her services have made our lives less stressful and we feel totally confident. Nyth has a great attitude to her job.  She says, “I created B Smart to bring relief and support.” She has hit the nail on the head because I do feel as if a huge burden has been lifted and the support is fantastic.

Please see below Nyth’s contact details and don’t forget that she is happy to give a free consultation so sort out that beauraacry – no excuses!

Nyth is fluent  in English, German, Dutch and Portugeus

Website:     https://bsmartalgarve.com

Facebook      https://www.facebook.com/bsmartyourpersonalassistant

Telephone    +351 920 096 322

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