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Magical Marilla the Dinner Party Fairy

I really have to share this amazing service with you!  We have found a little treasure!

Upon arrival, the door was opened by a very smart young man who informed us his name was Archie and he would be our waiter/butler for the evening. Archie showed us through to the terrace where the fairy lights were twinkling and Elton John was crooning softly in the background. (Not the real Elton – a CD but I think you probably guessed that!)  Our fellow guests had already arrived and were being entertained by Mr and Mrs X who were looking remarkably relaxed and chilled despite the palaver of hosting a dinner party for ten. The table was dressed beautifully, the aromas wafting from the kitchen were rich and inviting and it was at this point that I let up a quick prayer of thanks realising that Mrs X had a caterer in!

A glass of Kir Royale was proffered and accepted, some delicious canapés followed and it was all absolutely delightful! 

Young Archie called our attention and invited us to take our seats at the table. He poured the wine and the hors d’oeuvre was delivered. Two mixed platters were placed at either end of the table on lazy Susans – excellent idea! Archie confirmed the vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free choices and we all tucked. My glass was never empty and my plate constantly full! 

Following a perfectly timed interlude during which the table had been cleared then piled high again, our choices of mains were delivered. We had been asked, when originally invited, if we would prefer meat, fish or vegetarian or indeed any other dietary requirements which I had thought was rather organised of Mrs X. A beautifully filleted Dover Sole was placed before me whilst the beef Wellington my beloved received was cooked to perfection. The two vegetarians had the most delicious mushroom Wellington and I know it was delicious because I hinted loudly until Mr X rather unwillingly let me have a taste. We helped ourselves to asparagus and honey glazed julienne carrots, dauphinoise new potatoes, choice of three sauces and copious amounts of wine. 

Dessert was simple yet completely fabulous. Clever new takes on old favourites, Eton Mess, Black Forest gateaux and lemon and vodka sorbet – a beautifully presented serving of each dessert by which time I needed to lie down and have a nap! The evening went on with cheese then coffee, liqueurs and home-made chocolates. 

The food was incredible, service excellent and our hosts were present throughout. It was a wonderful change from the normal chaos of a dinner party. We were all eager to meet the marvel who had brought this extravagance and joy to our friends’ home so were introduced to Marilla whose magic had most definitely been sprinkled to our great delight. 

A smashing lady with years of experience, Marilla is thoroughly competent, completely organised, plans everything and, even does the washing up! 

I’ve attached all her contact details and some photos of the evening’s excellent cuisine. If you can’t cook, can’t be bothered to cook or just fancy treating yourself call Magical Marilla – I certainly will do in the not too distant future!


+351 926 916 348
Algarve Hills Property Concierge

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