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I was asked to write about cat hotels and thought to myself – surely they mean a cattery, like kennels for doggies but oooooohhhhhhh no! How wrong was I! I mean have you seen these palaces that little Fluffy can stay at?  Any guilt at abandoning your precious baby just went right out the window because these are five star palaces! I mean, if I wasn’t so sneezy around cats I’d quite happily move in!  All these little palaces have full insurance of staff and premises, are council registered and inspected and are thoroughly recommended. All the hotels reviewed encourage thorough inspection before you leave your kitty and you are welcome to stay and settle pussy into its new temporary home.



Aristocats is run by a crazy cat lady called Milla who clearly likes cats much more than people!  Her hotel is spotless, beautiful in fact.  Fully equipped with toys and beds and squishy things and scratching things.   It’s a little bit like cat heaven.  The important stuff is all covered too; vet on call, collection and delivery service, fully enclosed play area which is huge but also some smaller areas for timid cats or long term stays.  Support with sterilisation, vaccinations, chipping and passport for your kittie is all available.  A great service Aristocrats offer if you have a cat that’s maybe not so happy around other cats is cat-sitting in their own environment.

Cat Hotel Algarve


I wouldn’t want to come home if my mum and dad dropped me off at this place.  They even  have full-time kitty cuddlers for cats missing their human beans.  Each cat has its own suite with air con and heating, ambient music and platforms to play and  hidy places when they need a little quiet time.  It’s paradise for pussies! Each cat’s diet is strictly adhered to, all medical needs catered for and the vet is on 24  hour call.  This hotel also has CCTV everywhere to keep track of your precious kitty day and night.  Escape is not possible as the well guarded and safe environment is monitored day and night. 

Castanheiro Cat Lodges – Hotel para Gatos


Another wonderful hotel for your pussy.  Fabulous facilities, wonderful staff, on call 24 hour vet.  These pampered kitties are never going to want to come home!   They have plenty of space to play, to explore and that all important scratch and then sleep.  Meals are individually organised according to owners instructions, grooming can be arranged as can a delivery and collection service.  Massage is available and each suite is immaculately clean. 

Merrylegs Pet Hotel


This is such a friendly and happy place!  Such welcoming owners and happy pets.  Day-care is offered, grooming, veterinary services and fabulously cute little bedrooms for each cat.  Merrylegs is also a doggie hotel which may be an issue for some owners with timid cats but the animals are well segregated and strictly adhered to procedures mean that there are no accidents.  I really liked Merrylegs as the staff were so enthusiastic and happy.  I just dropped in and received a very warm welcome and felt there was a totally open door policy. 

So there you have it, a few ideas should you need to leave your precious bundle of joy at a cattery with people who really do care about well being and happiness of each of their fluffy charges.  Whether it’s day care or long stay, veterinary services and recuperation , these wonderful caring places have it all.  I would be really happy to leave our cat Nigella at any of these delightful places but she is a really unfriendly cat who is totally in command of our house so I doubt she would allow us to even consider anything other than her sleeping on the end of our bed!

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