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Vinicius Rocha | Rockshine Creations

Handmade unique jewelry is such a wonderful gift full of care and love. 

Vinicius Rocha is an incredibly talented young man who specialises in just such pieces.  Originally from Brazil, Vini was raised in Portugal and speaks perfect English.  Vini became interested in making jewelry six years ago whilst looking for a gift for a friend and that interest has now become his passion. 

Vini’s signature pieces are his beautiful Swarovski bracelets made from Swarovski elements crystals. Each bracelet is unique to your specifications with full design consultation from Vini. 

Having looked at some of Vini’s work, I bought a bracelet for each of my daughters in their birthstone colours with the addition of a larger white crystal.  The girls were absolutely thrilled with their gifts and seem to have now started a trend amongst their friends. 

I love the idea of couples or families or friends  wearing matching bracelets. 

A recent addition to Vini’s catalogue are healing crystals which are incorporated into the bracelet.  These pieces make a beautiful gift for anyone as they can signify everything from love and friendship to healing qualities. 

The range includes Rosary Beads, earrings, necklaces, handbag clips and keyrings. 

For further information, please contact Vini direct on +35 930 405 451.  He will be delighted to discuss your ideas and create a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery just for you.

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