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Enhance Your Natural Singing Voice | Mauro Amaral

These workshops have several individually tailored objectives designed exclusively. Our goal is to enable each participant to develop the personality of their voice, to gain confidence and create the tools to achieve their aspirations whether professionally or purely for pleasure. The key is you and your unique ability. Your body and breath is the motor, your brain and focus are the steering wheel, you are the driver. I will guide, enable you to focus and be the best you can, reaching from my heart to meet yours.

“The message behind the words is the voice of your heart” Rumi


a) Introduction
b) Physical warming up
c) Psychological warming up
d) Voice warming up
e) Individual voice analysis
f) Rythm exercises
g) Melody exercises
h) Chorus exercises
i) Creativity exercises
j) Expression session
k) Psychophysical warm down
l) Self-evaluation talk
m) Follow up

Having been introduced to Mauro, an important aspect of the tuition is to ascertain your expectations and aspirations. Mauro will take time with you discussing your singing past as well as your dreams for the future. An honest assessment of your abilities is crucial should you wish to develop your musical career. Or, conversely, if the experience is just for fun and your own personal development, Mauro will also be happy to offer frank advice.

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About Mauro Amaral

Singer-songwriter at Mauro Amaral https://linktr.ee/1mauroamaral
Author, Creator and Artistic Director at Aquatropia https://www.facebook.com/Aquatropia
Author, Creator, Artistic Director and co-programmer at Feira Kriativa https://mag.sapo.pt/showbiz/artigos/feira-kriativa-2-0-leva-a-faro-mais-de-60-eventos-em-20-dias-de-programacao

Born in Lisboa in 1976, son of Angolan parents, residing in Faro since he was a child.

In 1998 Mauro Amaral started his artistic career at A.R.C.A. (Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Algarve), was president of the board from 2003 to 2006, trough those 8 years developed numerous performances and artistic experiences in more than 20 countries. Was several times general coordinator and Artistic Director of Komboyo dos Lokos, International Street Arts Festival and performing arts performance, as well as 2 times Artistic Director of St John ́s Parade in Wroclaw in Poland.

Spent three months in Palestine and Israel voluntarily developing an artistic expression workshop as a tool for group workers. From 99 to 2001 he was an ACTA actor. In 2002, staged his play “O Espelho” with Sin-Cera, performed by his late friend Rui Cabrita. In 2006, composed and directed the video clip “1o round” of Twism, which was broadcast daily for 3 months on MTV Portugal and other Portuguese channels.

In 2010 created the award-winning documentary “Ilha”, co-directed with Carlos Fraga, about the fishing community of Faro beach and his fears of being displaced by the Polis Ria Formosa Project. This documentary was part of the selection of the 2nd “D-Day” on RTP2, and had its premiere on 18 April at Teatro das Figuras in Faro, with a fully booked house, premiering on 25 April on RTP2 and being broadcast on several continents through RTP Internacional. In 2011 he wrote and directed the Short “Salto” which he has not yet concluded.

At that moment, he decided to return to music, which led him to release the solo EP “Somos” in December 2016. He is currently about to release the album “Atos Aleatórios de gentileza” with band, in his own name, accompanied by excellent musicians, Nuno Filhó on bass and vocals, Ricardo Coelho on keyboards and Sónia “Little B” Cabrita on drums and Mariana Rosa on guitar.

In 2016 returned – after an interregnum of almost 10 years – to the performing arts, participating in the programming of the 3 editions of Baixa Street Fest in Faro.

In 2018 he created and directed the shows Euphoria 1 and Aquatropia (360o immersive multidisciplinary show) held on the day of the City of Faro.

In 2019 created and co-programmed the event “Feira Kriativa”, that it ́s a season of artistic co- programming, that creates an intense artistic dinamic in the city of Faro, and that had it ́s boom in August and September 2020 with 20 days of program in 26 days, puting more than 200 artists, producers and technicians working and meeting each other and create an envyronment of proximity and freedom betwen artists and audiences.

Did Painting, Photography, Radio Art, Video Art, Performance Art. Participated as a performer in two editions of “Tell – 1Artista 1euro” (created by Sérgio Marques) along with some of the main names in the arts and communication in Portugal. One at Cineteatro Passos Manuel in Porto and the other at Tempo in Portimão and Teatro Lethes in Faro.

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Writing and Music were his first forms of artistic expression.

Mauro Vocal Lessons

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  1. Anjo van Engelen

    I did the workshop some months ago and thought is was absolutely worth it and fun to do. I have learned a lot, especially being more confident about my singing and learning not to be scared to open up while singing. I did some private workshops after that and I have learned to not only use my voice while singing but my whole body. I feel more free when I sing now. Thank you for that!

    • Oh dear Anjo. I’m so happy and touched by your comment. And i felt what you describe. It was so wonderful to see you blossom and take control of your body as a tool supporting your voice and expression.

      Confidence confidence confidence

      See you soon.


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