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Harmony Handmade Jewellery | Monja Gillich

I met Monja in a cafe in Faro a few months back. We shared a table as I waited impatiently for a lady I was about to interview and Monja was taking a break from shopping. 

I had to speak to this lovely lady opposite me as she was wearing the most beautiful and unique necklace I have ever seen. We Brits usually need to be introduced before we even make eye contact! Anyway, I was very polite, said excuse me and thankfully Monja spoke excellent English. The necklace was like a teardrop with intricate wiring around the top half of the large stone. It was threaded on hemp which she had treated and wound with the most delicate silver wire.  Then Monja admitted that she had made it herself! It was the most stunning turquoise threaded with smaller crystals all interlaced with beads and gemstones. The sun seemed to make it dazzle and shimmer as it moved in the light – I have never seen anything so naturally beautiful.

Luckily for me, the lady I was supposed to be meeting rang to say she was running late so Monja and I continued chatting.  Monja is 29, German, and studied art in many forms before deciding her unique jewellry making was the path she wished to take.  But, she also wanted to see the world so had the bright idea of buying herself a camper van, packing up the tools of her trade, and heading south! After a few adventures in France and Spain, Monja found herself in Portugal and a fantastic campsite in Faro.

Obviously, the current restriction of movement is a bit of a pain but Monja is loving living in Faro, working, and enjoying the sun.  She says living at a campsite is great fun and has met people from all over the world so basically, she’s having a ball!  She does occasionally attend craft markets but finds it much more lucrative to sell her jewellery via her website.  Monja also designs unique jewellery pieces to incorporate birthstones and healing crystals which I thought was a wonderful idea.

Monja asked if I would like to look at her website; I did and it’s spectacular!  The immense range of jewellery combined with the quality and professionalism of the business explains clearly why Monja is able to live her dream of working for herself, supporting herself financially (very successfully), and is making a name for herself within the industry.

Have a look at her website and I’m sure you will be delighted with the artistry, the passion, and the combination of natural fibers and stones.







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