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5 Artists 5 Women 5 Friends

With many years’ experience, we are a diverse group of artists with work ranging from fine art, portraits, fibre art, sculpture and mixed media artwork.
All of the collective are based in Portugal but have works worldwide. 
For us, beauty, diversity, a conscious awareness of environment and support for local artisans is a core part of our ethos.

Art is the fire in our bellies, and the passion for our creative process and the desire to delight with our work, drives each of us. 
Our styles may vary, but our attitudes are completely aligned. 

Art is subjective and being a collective with a diverse range of disciplines’ allows us to complement each other whilst catering to a range of tastes. 
Each of us have our own experience and expertise and we will take you on a journey into 5 different worlds using very diverse mediums. 

You can see a virtual tour of our inaugural exhibition on our website: Quinta Art Collective

We are currently still exhibiting selected pieces at Aderitas Artistic Space Vale do Lobo shopping until the 17th of Feb

You can find us at;


Collective Art group:

Toin Adams, Sculptor

Jane Rodenburg, Fibre Artist

Jessica Dunn, Painter

Tracy Carson, Portraiture

Andrea Bird, Mixed media

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