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Quinta da Arte Collective

We had the honour of being invited to view this wonderful exhibition of incredible art which is currently being held at Galeria Artistic Space by Aderita, in Vale do Lobo. 

Quinta Art Collective is the cumulative name of the five artists who created this Exhibition. The artists are:

Jessica Dunn – Painter

Andrea M Bird – Mixed Media

Jane Rodenburg – Fibre Works

Tracy Carson – Portraiture

Toin Adams – Sculptor

About themselves, the ladies have this to say….”With many years’ experience, we are a diverse group of artists with work ranging from fine art, portraits, fibre art, sculpture and mixed media artwork. Our styles vary but our attitude is completely aligned. It is the fire in our bellies, the passion for our creations and the desire to delight with our work that drives our approach. Art is subjective and being a collective with a diverse range of disciplines allows us to complement each other whilst catering to a range of styles.  At this, our inaugural exhibition as a collective, we are very pleased to be showing our work at Galeria Artistic Space by Aderita, in Vale do Lobo.”

The Exhibition was a wonder.  All the ladies are massively talented, complementing one another in this feast of creativity. 

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