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5 Wine Tasting Vineyards throughout the Algarve

Educational, sociable, cultural and with the marvellous added bonus of a lovely drop of vino! I do like to tick every single box whilst search for days out for you!  Spend a sophisticated day learning about the wines of the region at a vineyard run by knowledgeable experts who will delight in pouring you yet another little snifter to try! I was just a teensy bit in heaven!  Here are just a handful of vineyards to sample. There are so so many but I’ve tried to select one in a variety of municipalities depending upon the current Covid restrictions. 


Quinta do Barranco Longo

Apartado 156, 8365-907 Algoz
T:(+351) 282 575 253 | E:info@quintadobarrancolongo.com

Located on a farmstead in Algoz, Quinta do Barranco Longo was founded in 2001. In a region in which wines had lost the recognition they deserved, history picked up where it had left off and, through the hard work of Rui Virgínia, a brand was created that has contributed to putting this sector back where it belongs.

Dedicated to the production and sale of still and sparkling wines, Quinta do Barranco Longo carefully selects national and international grape varieties, making the most of its fine terroir, with its clay-limestone soils, Mediterranean climate and long sun exposure enjoyed by its vines.

Treatment management in the vineyard is based on the principles of integrated production. Quinta do Barranco Longo has also come to adopt the vegan philosophy, right throughout the production process, from vineyard to winery. Grapes are harvested by hand, while in the winery, equipment, innovative winemaking processes and cutting edge technology set the tone, as part of the company’s quest for the height in quality. The range of wines is varied and highly focused on the creation of unique products, fulfilling niche markets in Portugal and abroad.

The team is made up of qualified technicians, specialising in fields as diverse as management, biotechnology and agricultural engineering. Their involvement cuts right through the business, from planting vines or making continued improvements to the winery, to product development and building customer support and loyalty. Understanding and improving this process is a permanent undertaking.


Quinta Dos Vales Wine Estate

Special experience: Bottle Blending Workshop

Sítio dos Vales, Caixa Postal 112, 8400-031 Estombar, Lagoa
(+351) 282 431 036 |  (+351) 282 431 189

With this unique 3-hour experience, you will get the opportunity to create a wine perfectly tailored to your preferences! We will provide you with information and training, our high-quality wines and all the required equipment, the only thing you need to bring with you is your creativity.

Quinta Dos Vales’ team of expert winemakers will support you throughout this process, teaching you how to distinguish between the different grape varieties, explaining what you should be looking for in a wine and offering their advice on how to blend the wines in different combinations and proportions. After the guided tasting you will understand what impact all of this has on the character of the wine, its nose, its flavour. And with all this newly acquired knowledge you will then aim to achieve something truly special, something you can proudly and genuinely call your own wine. To make it even more personal, you will be able to bottle the wine, label it and seal it with cork yourself, getting the satisfaction of holding your own creation in your hands!


Quinta da Tôr

EM525 9, 8100-397 Loulé
Tel: 968 427 271

Learn the history of the family from the village of Tôr and about the processes of wine production. Taste delicious wines whilst enjoying a view under the Algarve barrocal. In a breathtaking environment, you will be shown some traditions of the vineyard. There is a shop which sells all wine produced at the vineyard as well as an order and delivery service.

Located near the village icon, the Roman bridge, is Quinta da Tôr, an incredible setting within the mountains. These properties belonged to the same family from 1500 to 2011, when they were renovated by the new owner family with strong origins and roots in Aldeia da Tôr. Driven by passion and pride in their land, the family wished to utilise all resources available to them so the vineyard was revived and a new cellar was built. The microclimate, the low temperatures in the winter and the high temperatures in the summer allow a perfectly balanced maturation of the seven varieties of wine which this land has to offer: Touriga Nacional; Syrah; Cabernet Sauvignon; Aragonês; Siria Arinto and Chardonnay are all produced at Tor.


Dom Vicente

 N125 144V, 8800-109 Luz (Luz de Tavira) 
+351 966 484 926

This project is the realization of a dream and the vineyards are the result of a long journey of patience and determination. The owners have worked wonders transforming land, once reclaimed by Mother nature, into modern vineyards, with the added bonus of olive groves and fruit orchards to enhance the natural flavours of the grapes.

The signature, Estate Wine has a very vivid and young red fruit. The fruity character stands out, which in conjunction with sweet aromas that result from a small stage in wood, gives it some modernity and harmony. In the mouth it is full-bodied, with a persistent, soft finish, showing a good balance between acidity and structure. The character of limestone terrain and some salinity due to the proximity of the sea is present.

Perfect to drink now or save a few years, this wine accompanies meat dishes, sausages, as well as cured cheese. Optimum serving temperature is 16 ºC The bottles must be stored horizontally in a place protected from light, is clean and ventilated and under normal conditions of constant temperature and humidity.


Adega do Cantor

 Quinta do Miradouro, Alamos, 8200-442 Albufeira 

Adega produces the award-winning Vida Nova and Onda Nova wines. The Adega do Cantor or Winery of the Singer is situated in Guia, a few kilometres north-west of Albufeira, in central Algarve. It was built to produce wine, principally the Vida and Onda Nova wines, from three surrounding Quints, Quinta do Moinho, Quinta do Miradouro and Vale do Sobreiro. The adega say that their aim is to produce the highest quality wine that the region can offer using a combination of traditional and innovative modern winemaking techniques. The winery is situated at the top of Quinta do Miradouro from which stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and coastline can be seen. Visits to the vineyard can be arranged and feature guided tours of the vineyards and winery tutored tastings and the opportunity to purchase both wines and a variety of merchandise. This is such a beautiful location that it’s worth a visit just for the scenery.

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