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Caitlin Santos | Singer-Songwriter

Out for a stroll one fabulous summer evening in Loule, we first came across this incredibly talented young lady whilst deciding where to stop for a drink. Upon hearing this wonderful music we decided to have a drink at the bar where the music was coming from, found a large table and sat with our friends in the most perfect setting. It was a warm summer evening, the sunshine was glorious and a pretty dark-haired girl was perched on a stool, under a sunshade, strumming away and singing beautifully melodic, soft songs. 

We decided to stay for another drink because the ambiance was just perfect.  The fabulous music continued and we listened to some well-known covers as well as some haunting Portuguese songs we didn’t recognize.  The young lady took a break and we gave her a cheer and congratulated her on her wonderful repertoire. Caitlin kindly agreed to sit and have a glass of wine with us and she told us a little about herself.  Caitlin is 25 and is currently studying music production at college in the Algarve.  She plays piano as well as guitar and is learning all the technical side of music production. Her English is perfect as her mum is English and dad Portgueuse so lucky girl has been raised bilingual. 

By this time we were hooked and it was time for Caitlin to start another set.  We were there for the night and ordered dinner.  I loved the easy-going Norah Jones, Adele, Katie Meluha kind of feel to the music.  It was also at a volume where we really enjoyed the music but it didn’t drown out the conversation. What was really great was the integration of traditional Portugeuse music, Fado, and even the odd Portugeuse pop song which just added to the miix and made it such and entertaning night.

I’m a big fan of this really talented lady and we often find out where she’s singing through her various social media platforms and turn up to listen to her sing.  Caitlin is so soothing and gentle and exactly what you need for a wind down after a long day.

When she’s not singing for her supper, Caitlin helps out at the family restaurant, a Mexican Cantina.  Happens to be one of my favourites so I can’t imagine a more perfect evening – eating tacos and whilst being entertained by Caitlin. 

You can listen to some of her beautiful music on Youtube and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  All details below. 

Her number is +351 913 463 723


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  1. Caitlin is my beautiful Niece she is so talented we love her singing so glad you loved it too


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