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Do you know when you have one of those days that just morphs into one of the best days ever? Well, that happened to us last Sunday. I am basically a bit lazy so when he indoors noticed there was no Sunday lunch activity going on, he took the hint and whisked me off to lunch at Barbarbacoa. This is a bit of a special treat and I love the place. The meat is fabulous, the veg is cooked to perfection and the desserts are OMG!  

I may have been feeling a touch mellow and a tiny bit hungover so when I saw a band having a break issued multiple prayers to everyone who could possibly have an interest and begged there was not a Metallica tribute band on.  Someone up there likes me (a little bit – I’m not deluded) and as I sipped my hair of the dog bloody Mary, the most beautiful, melodic guitar music quelled the Frenchman banging about in my head and I felt vaguely alive again. 

The rather scrumptious young man playing his beautiful classical Spanish guitar came and joined us for a drink and a chat during his next break and was absolutely delightful company. The chap introduced himself as Mr. Charley Waite, a 32-year-old English gentleman who has lived in Portugal for the last 20 years.  We congratulated him on his incredible talent, not least of which was his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody which was spectacular!

Charley is classically trained, having studied at the Flamenco School in Seville.  His repertoire includes pop instrumental covers, the more upbeat traditional Fado and basically any request you want to throw at him!

Apart from his regular Sunday lunchtime spot at Barbacoa, Charley can be found entertaining guests at some of the more exclusive Vale de Lobo and quinta de Largo establishments where he has gathered quite a following over the years. 

One thing which really impressed me about Charley was his passion and commitment to share his talent with equally enthusiastic guitarists ranging from absolute beginners to the more advanced. 

The last year has become challenging for musicians who play live so Charley has very kindly been sharing his talents via Zoom and other media outlets to encourage youngsters to keep busy and follow their dreams in these difficult times.  So, on top of all that talent and awe, he really is a totally nice guy too!  Charley has also been giving lessons on a one-to-one basis, strictly adhering to all regulations obviously, teaching the very basics, live looping and all other aspects of guitar. 

We really enjoyed meeting Charley and apart from the wonderful lunch at Barbacoa, we’ll definitely be popping back just to listen to the incredibly talented Mr. Charley Waite.

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Charley Waite’s number is +351 916 112 856

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