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So much to do and so little time!

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I’ve lost count of the number of social and/or educational societies, groups and clubs there are here in Portugal.  You can learn to play croquet or perhaps you fancy trying surfing or cycling off-road. Whatever group does appeal to you – you can bet your bottom dollar there is one! One of the best things about moving to Portugal is the ease with which people make new friends and experience such a range of activities. So many people I’ve met here say the same thing – “I thought I might be lonely” but like everyone I’ve spoken to, there isn’t time to be lonely as you soon find you have too much going on with so many fabulous new friends. 

Since joining a book group in Loule, I’ve met so many lovely people. This led to going to an Indian Cookery Day with a group of smashing ladies which in turn led to a wild night out in Albuferia! Supper clubs, lunch clubs, knitting, walking, hashing, climbing, go-carting, fishing. You name it – it’s here! Not being particularly creative, I was slightly reticent about trying out a mosaics workshop and making a complete fool of myself. But, it was fab! I loved it and even made a small dish which is now proudly sitting on a shelf in my kitchen! 

Here at Portugal Insider, we arrange events tailored for your needs, always coved-19 compliant. We have various locations each suited to our differing events. Events planned for November include:

Creative Writing Workshop

Thai Cooking

Reiki Treatment

Digital Marketing Master-class

Portrait Photography

Life Drawing

Please click the link for further information, costs and booking for each event. We hope to meet you soon!

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