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6 Alternative Hotels in Portugal

I love that feeling of going into an hotel room and exploring; knowing you
don’t have to make the bed or cook dinner! But, instead of booking a
conventional hotel on your next trip to Portugal, how about finding
somewhere a bit quirky to stay? Have a look at these weird and wonderful
locations and try something different!

1.Tivoli Évora Ecoresort

This four-star eco-hotel , awarded Green Key in 2014, has 56 private suites surrounded by century-old cork oaks, holm oaks and olive trees, proudly (rightly) boasting its magnificent “sky pool” that stands out for its view
stunning view over the Alentejo landscape and the city of Évora. The entire hotel was designed and built, with maximum energy efficiency,
using geothermal to heat the main building and swimming pools. Solar panels are also used to heat the hotel’s water and indoor and outdoor

2.Cabanas no Rio, Comporta

About an hour’s drive from Lisbon, in Portugal’s Alentejo region, lies the unique and utterly romantic Cabanas no Rio – two isolated wooden cabins standing on the bank of a river in boho-chic Comporta. Designed by Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, the project is meant to provide guests with a fantastic getting-back-to-nature experience, without cutting back on the comfort. The two structures have been cleverly designed using panels of recycled wood and sophisticated techniques to create an
harmonious, innovative and sustainable environment in which to relax, recharge, and enjoy nature in its purest form.

3.Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

This is my favourite! How fabulous would it be to stay in a treehouse? Treehouses often conjure up childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia for the good all times when life was simpler and closer to nature. Well, the
Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park is as charming as it is unique. The resort comprises spectacular eco houses sprinkled among 20 hectares of pristine woodland. Some of the structures are hidden away in their own
private pockets surrounded by greenery, while others are elevated above the ground just like a perfect childhood treehouse.

4.Palacio Belmonte, Lisbon

This place is just so wow! There’s something totally unique and enchanting about staying in an historic building converted into a hotel. But Palacio
Belmonte is not just a simple historic building – it’s Lisbon’s oldest castle, now carefully restored to its former glory. There are 10 uniquely designed
suites adorned with genuine antiques and original pieces of art to provide an enchanting ambience, while celebrating some of Portugal’s greatest artists.

5.Tipi Algarve, Portimão

This place is definitely a bit special! Designed for glamping holidays, this nifty eco retreat offers a plethora of facilities plus comfortable accommodation in four different styles of units: North American Tipis, romantic Safari Tents, lovingly decorated Western Yurts, and a refurbished Studio Cottage. I’m not a fan of camping but this looks fabulous, especially the idea of no TV or internet for a week or so for a stress free break!

6.L’AND Vineyards, Alentejo

For anyone with a passion for wine and vines, L’AND Vineyards offers exclusive accommodation in a magnificent array of villas dotted among the gentle hills, postcard-perfect vineyards, and lush woodlands of Portugal’s Alentejo region. The resort stands out for its brilliant mix of contemporary architecture, luxurious facilities, and Michelin-starred cuisine, providing guests with an extraordinary rural experience. What makes it unique is the contrast between its polished, art-infused interiors and the genuine natural world outside.

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